Gloriaca is a handbag company MADE IN SPAIN.
What began in 2012 as a Family Project formed by three generations of women is now a consolidated company thanks to your support and the effort of the Gloriaca Team.
On the verge of our 5th Anniversary, we keep our original philosophy:


Each Gloriaca is different, we do not repeat any design, they are "Unique pieces". Each design is easily recognizable, with a very contemporary and versatile style; all are cube-shaped, unlined. In its design we use overlays of skins, applications of huertan fabric, fox hair, mink, tibet, .... And silk fringes.



All Gloriacas are made by hand, from the cutting of the skins to the sealing and labeling.


We only use high quality furs, giving prominence to their imperfections instead of hiding them, hence our manifesto "Imperfection makes them unique."


We do not work for campaigns, throughout the year if you visit our Workshop you can find us working with skins of bright colors, hair or fluorine fringes.


With our unique designs we make it possible for each of you to feel unique.

Welcome to the Gloriaca world!

Gloriaca in Coma Store
Gloriaca in COMA store