Ladran Gaucho

The story of Ladran Gaucho was born of love, vocation and dedication throughout a lifetime towards dogs. It starts at an early age, when I discovered the passion I felt for the canine world. I always dreamed of being able to dedicate myself to this world that I love, and so enjoy what I do, because as Confucius said: "Choose to work on what you love and you will not have to work for the rest of your life." And with that premise I launched a brand that managed to unite my passion for dogs, my long experience in the sector and a marked innovative character. A dream come true. That day Ladran Gaucho was born.


For over 15 years I specialized in breeding dogs, where I was able to learn everything concerning the breeding and training of some of the best strains of dogs in Andalusia. Since then I have known this world in depth, and that is why I have now decided to launch products that from my experience and knowledge will be a revolution in the canine world. For this I traveled the world in order to get ideas to contribute my experience with dogs, thus arising the international lines of Ladran Gaucho. In Argentina, one of the countries with the greatest importance in breeding dogs, I thought of taking advantage of this love for dogs to the enormous quality that this country has in manufacturing all kinds of leather and textiles. And in this way were born the necklaces and straps of Ladran Gaucho, to which its innovative and distinguished design joins the great quality of manufacture in its materials, obtaining a great success in several South American countries.


Today, Ladran Gaucho has dressed more than 800 dogs, many of them of great personalities. We have participated in fairs, events and major markets, consecrating ourselves as a leading brand in this sector. Today, that dream that a child had has been able to design and create a wide range of products of high quality in more than 5 countries and 3 different continents. Our aim is to continue creating trends and continue to dress as our distinguished clientele deserve, trying to give personality to all the dogs of the world with something new and original, with a great variety of products from different countries and borders. 

Ladran Gaucho en Coma Store
Ladran Gaucho en Coma Store
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